FBI releases Boston bombing survivor’s belongings

She doesn't know what she's going to do with the items but she said she's not ready to see them destroyed

(CNN) – Three years after the Boston marathon bombing, a woman injured in the attack finally got her belongings back from the FBI in September. Bombing victim Erika Brannock says she now has closure.

“People would message me and say ‘I’m thinking of you in everything that’s going on.'” For Erika Brannock every step is a reminder of the deadly attack near the Boston Marathon finish line.

She endured multiple surgeries and is now living with a prosthetic leg, but nothing has brought back the memories from that day like seeing the clothes she was wearing and where the pieces of shrapnel pierced her body.

Brannock said “at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see my clothes and when I was there I decided I do want to see them and I saw my shirt that I had on. I had a ravens shirt on that I loved and I remember being so upset that they cut it and I had, and I saw my jeans, and I saw how shredded and just torn apart they were and oddly enough my left shoe they had kept and being now that I’m an amputee on my left side, it was very emotional seeing my shoe.”

The F.B.I. held onto the items as evidence, then sent them off to be decontaminated. Last month Erika was able to pick-up her possessions.

Brannock said, “I charged my phone and still had everything on there, and I had 67 text messages and over 10 voicemails from that day that I had heard from friends what they had sent to me.”

She doesn’t know what she’s going to do with the items but she said she’s not ready to see them destroyed.

“It was a weird; it was very emotional, but it was also healing at the same time to kind of come full circle with it” said Brannock.

Brannock is back teaching preschool. She’s also helping the F.B.I. with a new online tool that educates teens about violent extremism.