Could the long time GOP state Texas really tilt towards democrat?

The paper has not backed a democratic candidate since 1940.

(CNN) – It’s almost unthinkable that Texas could turn blue during a presidential election. That hasn’t happened since 1976. But recent polls show Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump neck-to-neck in the lone star state.

For as long as anyone can remember, scouring the piney woods of East Texas for a democrat has been a little like hunting for big foot.

They say it’s out there, in this conservative republican region, but it’s an elusive creature which brings us to this court house in the small town of Gilmer.

Judge Lauren Parish, District Judge said, “I’ve disassociated myself with the Republican party.”

Judge Lauren Parish is an elected republican judge but she says she won’t be voting for Donald Trump. She says his treatment of women and endless string of insulting positions drove her away from her party’s nominee.

Judge Lauren Parish, “It seemed like every day, or every week there was another position that he would take, that conflicted with the beliefs and values that had been instilled in me by my church and by my family growing up.”

Judge parish predicts this will probably get her voted out of office when she’s up for re-election in 2 years.

It’s hard to quantify, but there are a growing number of Texas republicans turning their backs on trump, even president George H.W. bush is reportedly voting for Hillary Clinton, just like Joseph Kopser.

Joseph Kopser, Clinton Supporter said, “If Ronald Reagan and John Lennon had a kid, I’d be their son.”

At a taco joint in Houston, Kopser shared how a self-described Reagan republican, west point graduate, army veteran who served in iraq turned high tech entrepreneur sees trump as a dangerous choice.

Joseph Kopser, “Donald Trump is not who he appears to be. Donald Trump is a great entertainer. Donald Trump is a great showman if you will, but Donald Trump doesn’t really represent the views of so many millions of Americans.”

Four years ago, Mitt Romney beat President Obama by 16 points here in Texas. In 2008, John McCain beat Obama by 11 points. It’s not supposed to be close here, so when the latest poll shows Trump only beating Clinton by only three points. Well, that has Texas democrats salivating at the idea that Texas of all places could turn blue, but the Texas Republican party says that kind of wishful thinking is “utter nonsense.”

Texas Voter said, “I think we’ve got a choice between crude and corrupt.”

These men shooting the breeze outside an East Texas antique store say they’re picking crude. They say it’s a weird election but see deep support for Trump in Texas.

Texas Voter, “What’s weird about it is the guy who is doing real well is not a politician.”

We found Jim Blair proudly sporting his “make America great” hat. Even though polls show a close race in Texas. He predicts a trump landslide on Election Day.

Jim Blair, Trump Supporter mentioned, “I think there’s a lot of people not telling you what they truly think and where they are going to vote or how they are going to vote. For some reason they are afraid to tell us.”

The Clinton campaign bought a six-figure ad this month highlighting an endorsement by the Dallas morning news. The paper has not backed a democratic candidate since 1940.