Video: Armed burglars walk around sleeping kids

Video captured these 2 other figures outside

(CNN) – A frightening burglary caught on video. It shows two sleeping children in the room, as a man breaks into the house.

Al Vera, Homeowner said, “My wife. She’s still shaking. When I saw it, my jaw dropped.”

Watch as the burglar pushes his way inside the home through the front door and creeps around in the darkness looking for what to steal. Just feet away, Al Vera’s two sleeping grandchildren, 10 and 13 years old.

Al Vera, “They were all in the living room sleeping, and he just walks right around in between them. My bedroom is right over there. He was right there, but he never opened the door.”

The suspect makes his way around the living room and then the kitchen. Finally deciding to take the sleeping child’s cell phone. His lookout just outside the front door, aiming his gun inside, keeping cover, as everyone continues to sleep.

Al Vera, “God forbid what could of happened if one of us got up. They robbed my gun, my GPS on my door. I keep my credit cards, my wallet. They stole all that.”

Al says when he was looking through the video, he noticed they came in multiple times, and then saw more guys in his driveway inside his car.

Al Vera, “Guys going through the car. While he’s inside the house, they’re ransacking the car still.”

Video captured these 2 other figures outside. This neighbor saying something strange happened at his house the same night.

Benji Cox, Neighbor said, “Just woke up, heard something jiggle my door, maybe a five-second jiggle and went back to bed. Next thing I know, next morning, I wake up and their house had got hit.”

Since the break in Friday, al has installed new locks around the house and says he’ll be adding more lights outside.

Al Vera, “They better stay away from here, because I am armed and I’m putting measures now where I will be alerted if someone is prowling out here.”