Southwick school committee takes stand on question two

Jen Willard
Southwick Superintendent of Schools, Jen Willard, reported on the results of the copper and lead testing that was conducted for all four schools in the district. (Photo by Greg Fitzpatrick/The Westfield News)

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The school committee made a decision about question two on this year’s ballot. The committee has taken a stand against Charter Schools and will be supporting a “no” vote on question two on Nov. 8. As a vote was taken by the committee, the vote was made unanimous.

The Resolution Charter School Reform states that, the possibility of the expansion of Commonwealth charter schools in Massachusetts poses a threat to the ability of public school districts to provide services to the children of the Commonwealth.”

Superintendent Jennifer Willard was clear on why the committee chose to support public schools.

“I’m an advocate for public education,” said Willard. “I believe in our public schools, I believe in our teachers.”

Willard pointed out that there are only about a handful of kids living in the Southwick School District that are currently attending charter schools.

While there are no charter schools located within the Southwick-Tolland-Granville School District, there are nearly a dozen charter schools throughout the Pioneer Valley.

According to Willard, most rural schools have a declining enrollment, so the need for keeping public schools strong, is very important for Willard and her district.

“We would like to keep all of our students.”