Rubik’s cube whiz kid: Can’t beat his feet!

rubiks cube
Luke Thoreson decided solving a Rubik's Cube isn't challenging now he uses his feet.

(KVOA/NBC) For many, solving a Rubik’s Cube might be impossible, but one 12-year-old boy in Tucson, Arizona can not only solve the puzzle, he does so using his feet.

A YouTube video of Luke Thoresen solving the cube has gone viral.

Luke discovered the Rubik’s Cube while at summer camp. He’d never solved one before.

Over three days, he got faster and faster at solving it.

His personal best is 37 seconds using his hands.

Luke’s mom says he has been sick during the past year and has missed a lot of school and hasn’t been able to play on his football team.

She says his success with the cube is not only fun, but a big morale booster for the boy as well.