Lawmakers briefed on the condition of state’s highways

82 percent of interstate highways in Massachusetts are in "excellent" condition

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation owns more than 9,500 miles of roadway in the state. That’s a lot of pavement to maintain.

On Wednesday, the state’s Highway Division briefed lawmakers on the work that’s being done to keep state roadways in good condition and areas that still need improvement.

A new report shows that 82 percent of interstate highways are in excellent condition. 2 percent of state highways are in poor condition, which is under the federal limit. The state’s transportation agency hopes to that number down to zero through early planning and creating specific, targeted goals.

Patricia Leavenworth, Chief Engineer of MassDOT’s  Highway Division said they’re also trying to strengthen technology to help communities repair potholes quicker. “You can at any point in time get the total number of potholes that were repaired by the week,” she said, “and drill down a little bit further and get cost and size of potholes.”

The agency said the best way to maintain state roads and highways is through routine inspections.