Heavy trucks, buses being stopped on Deerfield bridge

Weight limit on North Main Street bridge is 6 tons

Image Courtesy: Deerfield Police Department

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Deerfield police want to make drivers aware of a strict weight limit on an old wooden bridge in town. Officers are stopping trucks, school buses, and other large vehicles from crossing the bridge on North Main Street that spans the railroad tracks.

MassDOT changed the weight restriction of the bridge earlier this year to six tons, after it was said to be deteriorating. Since the change, there has been a number of times that Deerfield police have stopped large trucks on the bridge. There has also been complaints from area residents, who want to make sure the bridge is protected.

“It’s a lot easier to tell people not to do something and make them aware of it, our local folks, because we really don’t like it writing citations, but we just want to make sure we are preserving the bridge for our residents to continue to use,” Adam Sokoloski of the Deerfield Police Department said.

Sokoloski said that they look at the vehicle’s registration to determine its weight. It is a $200 fine for crossing a bridge over the weight limit.

Sokoloski said that school buses, tractor trailers, and commercial vehicles are all considered too heavy. Only passenger cars and small trucks may safely and legally cross.

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