Halloween Photo Taking Tips

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  The kids will be dressed in their Halloween best, but how will you take their pictures when it’s dark out? Tani Dugger from  insightphotograph.com is here with some tips.

Halloween Photo Tips:

  • Add light- Your flash is a great way to add light on what your photographing,  | White board- is another great way to add light to your image | Lanterns/flashlight- adds actual light to your image, not to mention its good for safety.
  • Increase ISO- Increasing the ISO is probably the easiest thing you can do without using a flash. If your camera allows it as a possibility incase it to 1600 if you can.
  • Turn around- have your subject face the light, this way the light is on their face and not on the back of their heads
  • Move closer to the light source- Instead of zooming in with your lens, physically move closer to your subject. It helps the light not have to travel so far to the camera. The light feels brighter the closer you are to it.
  • Take multiple shots- aside from the fun of taking lots of images the more you take in a row the more likely you are to get a sharper image. Practice will help you be able to have everything ready for the moment you take the images on Halloween night.

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