Halloween Ban: No eggs, no toilet paper!

toilet paper
The town of Abington, Massachusetts is asking retailers to halt the sale of certain items, including eggs, toilet paper and shaving cream, that could be used to make mischief on Halloween.

(NECN) A Massachusetts community is asking stores not to sell certain items to kids under the age of 18 ahead of Halloween.

Police in Abington sent a letter to businesses with a list of items which included spray paint, eggs, shaving cream toilet paper and soap.

Abington’s Chief of Police David Majenski said the voluntary ban is all in an effort to crack down on Halloween pranks.

“It’s a voluntary program and they don’t sell any items that may cause any type of disruption to kids under the age of 18,” said Majenski.

Police say they’ve been cracking down on mischievous teens for years.

“There were neighborhoods that had issues — cars were getting soaped or shaving creamed, or toilet paper or spray painted and business as well,” said Majenski.

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