Bait car thieves brag: “We’ll be out tomorrow”

(KOB) – A recent criminal complaint detailing the arrests of two would-be car thieves provides an example of the attitude some repeat offenders in New Mexico have for law enforcement. Albuquerque Police Department officials say officers deal with it every day.

Detectives said two men arrested together this week for stealing an APD bait car didn’t waste any time planning their next robbery, doing so right in front of officers. If that wasn’t insulting enough, police said the men mused about how quickly they’d be back on the streets.

“We’ve caught these guys. We have a good case. We have them in a bait car,” APD spokeswoman Celina Espinoza said. “The evidence doesn’t get any stronger, yet the criminals don’t even care.”

Martinez has a history of assault charges, and Whitten has been busted on a handful of robbery and burglary charges this year.

Inside a holding cell, they didn’t seem worried about it.

“They’re talking back and forth to each other. ‘Well, it doesn’t matter. We’ll be out tomorrow,'” said Espinoza, quoting the suspects.

Espinoza said those men were so relaxed that they made fun of police right in front of the officers arresting them.

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