AG Healey speaks to Greenfield Community College students

Healey was the keynote speaker for a lecture series at the college Wednesday.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Attorney General Maura Healey delivered the keynote address for Greenfield Community College’s annual lecture series Wednesday. She talked about civil rights, and the importance of equal opportunity for Americans.

Healey addressed a crowd of about 100 people, including students, faculty, and staff at Greenfield Community College Wednesday. Many students were looking forward to this day for a while.

“It’s rare that we have this kind of direct access to politicians and its really special to be able to communicate directly with her and do a Q & A where we can get into the issues that matter to us,” said First Year Student of Greenfield Community College, Noah Loving.

Healey addressed several issues in Western Massachusetts, including the opioid and heroin addiction epidemic. She said parents and guardians need to get involved.

“We need to do everything we can to get them the resources they need to help children who have collateral damage in this terrible crisis,” said Healey. “More treatment, more access to care and services, more education, and we will keep pushing that in my office.”

Healey also wants to reduce college education debt, which she pegs at 1.3 trillion dollars. She said interest rates should be lower, and college should be cheaper

She said there should be more support for community colleges and training their students for the workforce.