After no vote, Longmeadow may consider other options for senior center

Town manager says debate showed there is a desire for a new senior center eventually

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow residents voted not to build a new senior center at Bliss Park Tuesday night. About 1,000 residents attended the meeting, where the proposal to construct the new center near the park’s basketball court was rejected by a strong majority vote.

Voters denied spending $200,000 on site analysis, design, and traffic testing.

Longmeadow Town Manager Stephen Crane said that there is some money left over from a previous appropriation for short-range planning, and Tuesday’s vote gives a good representation of what residents want.

“From those who were opposed to Bliss Park they did support the seniors. I think there is a growing acknowledgement that a new senior center is something we should have on our horizon, and I think that that is something we’re going to work towards,” Crane said.

Based on consulting with an architect, it was expected to cost more for a renovation at the current Adult Center in Greenwood Park. That may be revised while reassessing options, Crane said.

Planning for a senior center started three years ago, but Crane said that it has been almost 30 years of trying to get a new DPW facility, which he said more people have expressed being at top of the priority list.