Pet goes ‘dog wild’ for ice cream

Every time Rambo hears the ice cream truck's music, he's like a dog with a bone

(CNN) – Summer may be over but one dog in Alabama isn’t quite ready to let it go. Every ice cream man has that one customer.

Akins Luwoye, Ice Cream Truck Driver said, “Loves ice cream, you know what I’m saying?”

Who just can’t get enough. Even though this ice cream addict can hardly reach the counter, he’s dogged in his pursuit of a Popsicle.

Akins Luwoye, “this dog always get ice cream from me while the owner is watching”

Rambo, a two and half year old English bulldog leaves his owner to pick up the tab.

Ashish Silwal, Dog Owner, “he’s like give me my ice cream, my dad will pay you”

The sweet trend began about a year ago, when Rambo saw the ice cream truck for the first time.

Ashish Silwal, “Rambo is like all excited out of nowhere, and I was like okay lets go get some popsicles, and next thing you know he’s jumping in the truck”

Now, every time Rambo hears the ice cream truck’s music, he’s like a dog with a bone. Only this time, he’s looking for a cone.

Akins Luwoye, “other dogs on my route, when they hear the music, they’re scared. He is not scared, so it’s unique.”

Ashish Silwal, “what a life, huh Rambo?

They say every dog has its day. For Rambo, that’s any day the ice cream man drives up.