Father jumps from bridge with 2 kids

"They found all three of the victims within close proximity of each other"

(CNN) – A harrowing story with a miraculous ending. A New Jersey father jumps to his death from a bridge Monday while holding his two small children.

Police say to survive this 100 foot drop, would be remarkable for anyone. Let alone two small one and three year old brothers. They’re expected to make full recoveries.

Captain Christopher DePuyt, Pequannock Police said, “When the officers found the children conscious and alert, it’s nothing short of a miracle. That’s for sure.”

Police say the harrowing chain of events began at John Spincken’s home in Pequannock, New Jersey when before 7 last night, police received a frantic call from his wife saying that the couple was arguing. Spincken threatening to harm their little boys.

Captain Christopher DePuyt, “The officer spoke with the wife and determined that he had made some threats against the children and they found those threats to be credible right away.”

Spincken then taking off in this white SUV with their sons. Police on his trail, reaching out to his cell phone provider to track his phone signal. Finding the vehicle on this overpass on I-287 near in Wanaque where they found the SUV pulled over in the shoulder and empty.

Police say it’s a place where many have taken their own lives before so they walked underneath the bridge bracing for what they’d see.

Captain Christopher DePuyt, “They made their way through a foot path that actually leads down there, it’s from what I’ve been told about 100 foot drop. They found all three of the victims within close proximity of each other.”

Spincken was dead. The two boys, alert and conscious. Police believe Spincken, with both boys in hand, may have climbed to the roof of the SUV and then climbed over a fence and jumped, landing in the dense brush below.

According to CBS-2 in New Jersey, Spincken has a criminal history of domestic abuse going back 13 years. They also found that he was under major financial stress as his business was facing heavy tax liens.