Chihuahua takes “bite out of crime”, chomping would-be burglar

She said she is not sure who would try to break into her home

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – Virginia Foshee remembers the night a man attempted to break into her home.

She says she was in her bedroom when she heard her dogs barking.

“He had his hand in the window and she got him,” Foshee recalled.

Homeowner, Stephanie Franklin said she wasn’t home when the attempted burglary happened, but says Haven, her full-blooded blue chihuahua, stopped the burglary.

“Haven apparently didn’t like seeing someone’s hand through the window,” Franklin said.

Foshee said, “I come through there to see what they (the dogs) were going off about and just as I got at the end of the couch, this one, was up on the chair, reaching around it, and grabbing a man’s hand with her mouth”.

After that the would-be robber ran.

“He yelled, but when she let go, I don’t know which way he ran, he was gone,” she said.

Foshee says she’s never seen anything like it.

“I’ve never seen her bite anybody, of course I’ve never seen anybody try to come into the house either.”

She said she is not sure who would try to break into her home. “We don’t know if it was somebody that we knew, or if it was just somebody trying to break in,” she said.

Foshee said there is one thing she’s sure of.

“If they find him, they should get a punishment for it. But I think he got his,” Foshee said.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department tells News Channel 11 that no arrests have been made in the case.