NY restaurant reopens after immigration raids


KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) — After being closed for several days, La Davina reopened its doors. On its first day back, the restaurant saw a steady stream of customers throughout Friday.

“‘I’m glad it’s reopened, because it’s good food and it brings the community together,” said Larry Shampine. “Where else can you go? You got Mighty Taco and Taco Bell, but this is authentic, and these are people that are trying to better their lives.”

La Davina was one of four restaurants involved in the Tuesday bust by federal agents. 25 people were arrested, including more than a dozen undocumented workers.

The owner of the restaurants, Sergio Mucino, is charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens.

Since the bust, there has been rallies calling for the release of the detained workers.

Mucino was at La Davina for the reopening. He said, “Right now I am very thankful, so happy to be back open, I am very grateful to all of the support from the customers, from my friends, to the community in general, I never imagined that they were going to support me this much.”

So far, La Davina is the only restaurant of the 4 to reopen. “I’m hoping to reopen within the next two weeks, that’s my goal, then just see what happens,” said Mucino.

According to the U-S Attorney’s office, Jose Sanchez Ocampo, and Marguin Sanchez were also charged with conspiracy. Authorities say Ocampo and Sanchez helped Mucino run the restaurants.

Mucino would not comment on the charges. “I wish I could say something, but I can’t say nothing about the case right now.”

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