Early now voting underway across the state

Early voting continues through November 4

BOSTON (WWLP) – Early voting began Monday across Massachusetts, and the presidential race is expected to bring many more people to the polls this year. The new early voting option gives voters the chance to cast their ballots at their convenience, without waiting in line on Election Day itself.

State lawmakers passed legislation to allow for early voting back in 2014. It was promoted as a way to make sure all registered voters would be able to do so, particularly the elderly.

You can either cast your ballot at an early voting location in your community, mail-in an early ballot application to your local election official, or vote in the traditional way- at a polling place on Election Day, November 8. No matter how you cast your ballot, once you do so, it’s final. Even though you may vote early, you cannot take it back.

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (D-Amherst), told 22News that he plans to vote early this Wednesday.

“I love voting early, and I live 100 miles from here (Boston) and it makes it easier for me on Election Day to be able to go out and help campaign for my colleagues,” Rosenberg said.

Early voting will run through Friday, November 4.

To find out where you can cast your ballot early, click here.

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