An important bridge in Deerfield closed for a few months

MassDOT ordered the Stillwater Bridge shut down for necessary repairs.

Courtesy of the Deerfield Police Department

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A well-used bridge has been temporarily closed in Deerfield.

The Stillwater Bridge crosses the Deerfield River, and was closed Monday for emergency repairs to one of its concrete supports.

“If the bridge is unsafe we need to fix it so everyone in town and around in the surrounding area can continue to enjoy it,” said Kristen Tillona-Baker of Deerfield.”

The closure was ordered because the bridge failed a recent inspection done by MassDOT. Deerfield residents won’t be able to drive over the Stillwater Bridge for at least the next 3 months.

Stillwater Bridge serves a through-way to West Deerfield, as well as Greenfield and Routes 5, 10, and 116.

“It’s our link to this side of the Valley or otherwise we will have to go up through Greenfield and it will add quite a few miles to any trip toward the Deerfield area,” said David Cantineni of Deerfield.

The town is working with MassDOT to determine the best ways to work around the closure.

“There was a town meeting open to residents on Sunday night and the best thing we can do is work with MassDOT to move forward with the process, so sooner or later it will be back open to normal traffic,” said Officer Adam Sokolowski of the Deerfield Police Department.

Sokolowski told 22News they’ll contact State Police, and surrounding police departments for emergency situations near the bridge. Kids will have to wake up earlier to get to school. Bus routes will have to be changed, and the ride will be longer.