Worcester storm cleanup is underway

A wet mess making for a complicated cleanup in Worcester

A wet mess making for a complicated cleanup in Worcester – business and homeowners doing whatever they can to get rid of all that water. A Local landlord said “the old saying when it rains it pours. It was awful. Torrential. I never saw anything like it.”

The slow-moving and heavy rain dumped more than 5 inches on the city in just a few hours’ time.

The result: power outages, submerged cars, and major flooding through entire streets and into basements. Maintenance director Davis Davoudian said “it’s still wet here and there but it was filled with probably 3 or 4 feet of water in there.”

The drain in this low-lying neighborhood backed up fast. Drivers who tried to move got stuck; other vehicles filled halfway or more with water.

Here’s what’s left of one flooded car; now he’s just praying it’ll start.

Matt Labovites reported in on the effects of the drought. “Because of the drought we’re in we were looking forward to some rainfall… We just didn’t want it all at once.”

Throughout the night, it was all hands on deck for Worcester’s department of public works –

When the rain stopped, much of the street flooding subsided – but it left behind a mucky mess of leaves and debris. “We’re just trying to take stock today of where we’re at and what the problems are immediately and if we’re going to have any long term problems.”