NOAA’s latest prediction on this winter season

La Nina is still predicted to develop

This map provided by NOAA shows the winter precipitation outlook for the U.S. Federal forecasters say thanks to a nascent La Nina it is likely to be warmer and drier than normal down south, colder and wetter up north and in the middle it’s hard to say what’s going to happen, sort of meh. And it doesn’t look good for drought-hit California. (NOAA via AP)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – NOAA has released its latest prediction for this upcoming winter season 2016-2017, and its just the opposite of last winter.

Last winter we were in an El Nino which typically brings warm and drier conditions to the north and cool, more wet conditions to the south.

El Nino and La Nina are weather phenomenons that describes the fluctuations in temperature in the ocean and atmosphere.

NOAA recently put out their winter outlook for 2016-2017 and it is predicting more of a La Nina pattern, meaning cooler and wetter conditions are expected for the north and drier, warmer conditions are expected for the south. This is of course a prediction and not a definite of what could happen.

A La Nina is predicted to develop late this fall and early winter.

As for Western Massachusetts we fall into an equal chances category meaning there isn’t enough strong climate signals to shift us either which way. Which means we have to wait and see what this winter will bring.