How to make spending money this Halloween not so scary


SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Americans will spend an average of just under $83 per person on Halloween this year.

But if you’re on a skeletal budget, there are definitely ways to save.

7News looked into everything from candy to costumes to decorations for some tricks to make prices a lot less scary.

Of all the skeletons, bats, and ghosts, there’s always that one house in the neighborhood where you’re bowled over during Halloween.

The Garritson’s in Spartanburg is that house.

“We started I think maybe one inflatable and every year, it grew a little bit more until, it’s a little out of control now,” Julie Garritson said.

Garritson says that last year, they gave out 2,600 pieces of candy to the 700 trick-or-treaters that came to her Converse Heights home.

To save, she looks for two things.

“We go for the very large quantities,” she said. “We typically steer away from chocolate.”

If you do the math, you can spend about $10 and give away 80 pieces of chocolate, or$11 and give 180 Smarties.

You can also save by not giving out candy.  I know, sounds like a party pooper, but it’s not.

You can get a 50-pack of glow stick bracelets at Spirit Halloween for only $9.99. And at Amazon, there’s a pack of 200 for $14.95. That’s just 7 cents a handout.

When it comes to costumes, don’t buy at Halloween pop-up store without looking for coupons online.

“The great news is you don’t have to pay full price, you can go to and check in daily because the coupons change daily on the percentage,” Jason Huckabee with Spirit Halloween said.

And you can always get your costumes from thrift stores, consignment stores, and your closet.

“We have some stuff at home, I go out and just buy the supplemental stuff they may need, and we put their costumes together,” Whitney Hannah said.

As for decorations, Garritson only buys right after Halloween when everything is on major markdown.

She says with those deals, she’ll be adding to her frightening collection well into old age.

“There’s no telling where it’s going to go,” Garritson said.

Keep in mind, many retailers will cut costume prices from 30% to 50% the week before Halloween. Especially the trendy ones that may not be popular next year.