Thief steals $150K in hockey sticks on camera

Police say investigators will be questioning staff

CANADA (CNN) – A hockey stick mystery in Canada. A thief broke in through the roof of a sporting goods store last weekend, swiping about 150-thousand dollars in high-end sticks.

Straight out of a movie script, a spectacular entrance. Drilling a hole through the roof, right into the heart of monkey sports on Brunswick Boulevard.

Greg Goyer, manager of Monkey Sports said, “You’re amazed, but you’re also sickened to watch what he’s doing. To go undetected that way and not really have a care.”

For one hour on Saturday evening, there was no apparent sense of urgency as he selected sticks priced at 300 dollars a pop.

Reporter: “just the very best?”

Goyer: “honestly, the very best from Bauer, from CCM, from Warrior, True.”

All piled up by the back door where an accomplice helped load the loot into a white van. About 150-thousand dollars worth of hockey sticks alone gone.

Reporter: “this is actually the second successful robbery at the store since its opening back in august. The first time the thieves broke in through the front window, after which management beefed up security here. This being the last place they expected anyone to get in through.”

Goyer: “70-thousand or 60-thousand square foot facility, if you think about it. On top of the roof to find the key location to drop into the store where you’re not hitting anything, any beams, or any pipes or any electrical lines. To land directly in the stick section took some planning.”

Police say investigators will be questioning staff.

Benoit Boiselle, of the Montreal Police said, “It will be hard work for the investigators to try to understand how did it happen and how they knew the place to do the hole.”

Whether another attempted robbery just 24 hours later on Sunday is connected. It’s all left Greg Goyer reeling and asking for help.

Goyer: “if you’re hearing about sticks being sold on the side at a great price, maybe ask the question or raise the flag.”

Any leads that could help recover the goods, nab the thieves and help resolve this puzzling plot.