Spill at Kansas chemical plant causes ‘smoke,’ evacuations

City Clerk says she doesn't know which chemical spilled.

Photo Courtesy Melissa Greenstein (@MGreensteinTV)

ATCHISON, Kan. (AP) — Authorities say a chemical plant spill has caused a noxious cloud to form over a northeastern Kansas community, prompting the evacuation of a school and the factory.

The spill occurred Friday morning at the MGP Ingredients plant in Atchison, 50 miles northwest of Kansas City.

Atchison County Emergency Manager Wes Lanter says “smoke” coming from the plant poses a breathing threat.

The St. Joseph News Press reports that one school was evacuated and several canceled classes or kept students and staff inside. The Kansas Dept. of Transportation has closed U.S. Highways 59 and 73 and Kansas Highway 7 until further notification.

City Clerk Debbie Clem says she doesn’t know which chemical spilled.

MGP produces premium distilled spirits, wheat proteins and starches. The company’s website says the plant employs about 300 people.

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