Migraines linked to mouth bacteria

A new study indicates migranine symptoms may be caused by high amounts of mouth bacteria

(CNN) – Bad news for people who suffer from migraines. The debilitating headaches may be caused by some of your favorite foods.

Everyone who gets migraines can identify the symptoms. Increased sensitivity to light and noise, blurred vision, dull throbbing in the head.

A new study by the American Society for Microbiology indicates those symptoms may be caused by high amounts of mouth bacteria breaking down nitrates from food. Nitrates break down into nitrites. Which can then be converted into nitric oxide. Separate research has associated increased nitric oxide in a person’s blood stream with migraines.

More research is needed to prove a correlation between the two, but if a solid link between mouth bacteria and migraines can be established, new treatments can be developed for people with chronic issues.

In the meantime, there are some foods you can avoid to decrease your nitrate intake. Any processed meats, such as hot dogs, lunch meat, and bacon all have nitrates added for color and to prolong shelf life.