Hoax leaves dad fearing for daughter’s life

The men demanded five thousand dollars.

TEXAS (CNN) – A terrifying hoax leaves a Texas father fearing for his daughter’s life.

“It’s truly a feeling as a parent” said Mike Fry.

Mike Fry took to Facebook and posted a nearly ten minute video, warning parents about a horrible hoax happening in Houston. A hoax, he fell for, at least for a few terrifying minutes. It all started with a phone call to his cell.

Fry said, “Saying that a family member was in a car accident and I was listed as a point of contact.”

Fry says the man on the other end of the phone identified himself as a paramedic…and said his daughter had been in an accident.

Fry said, “I knew she was getting ready to go to an appointment so the timing, unfortunately, for me was perfect.”

Fry was frozen with fear that something terrible had happened his 20 year old daughter, Mackenzie, but then, the story changed and Fry suddenly became skeptical.

“He changed the story into the reason she’s in critical condition is she actually hit my son on a bike and one of my family members, out of rage, beat your daughter.  Now we’re taking her back to our place and holding her ransom” said Fry.

The men demanded five thousand dollars.

Fry said, “at that point I closed my eyes and I said, ‘please lord, don’t let it be true.’ and i hung up the phone.”

It wasn’t true. Obviously Mackenzie is fine, but Fry wants to make sure no one falls for this. He’s putting the phone number out there along with a warning.

Fry said, “I would highly recommend you block this number.”

Fry said he contacted the authorities and filed a police report; he wants others to be aware and make sure no one falls for this.