High school students pass counterfeit money

Police say if you spot a counterfeit bill, keep it and report it

NASHVILLE, Tn. (CNN) – It’s a surprising case. Metro police say two McGavock high school students, a seventeen and sixteen-year-old, were arrested at the school and charged with criminal simulation.

They’re accused of passing at least one counterfeit 20-dollar bill at, of all places, their own school. That makes the case unique. Most counterfeit bills are passed off by adults at businesses.

For instance, these realistic looking “teller training notes” used to train bank employees showed up in Dickson and then there’s these.

“It says for motion picture use only just across the top and on the back for motion picture use only.”

In recent months bogus Hollywood prop money was spent in Woodbury, Lebanon and Murfreesboro. Police say if you spot a counterfeit bill, keep it and report it.

“If you don’t take it out of the system, if you give it back to them, they’ll likely find another victim to pawn it off on.”

It’s not clear what type of counterfeit bill was passed at McGavock high school, but the victim noticed and turned it over to the school resource officer. Now the secret service is involved.

Police believe the two teen suspects knew the bill was fake. It’s not clear if they made it or obtained it but now they also potentially face federal charges. Not to mention discipline from the school.