What’s the best home security system under $50?

There are some amazing gadgets that are under $50

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – These days, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a home surveillance system. Many are affordable, easy to use and won’t look gaudy in your home.

Manager Gary Glarner at WatchDog Surveillance and Spy Gear in Turkey Creek said there are some amazing gadgets that are under $50. Knoxville mom Tracy Clevenger tagged-along with her priceless 3-year-old daughter Kate to weigh-in on what type of security camera would work best at her home.

Glarner says one popular items looks just like a Bluetooth, but it contains a tiny camera. The camera Velcros to any surface in your home.

“These will last on motion for two hours of recording so it won’t record unless someone’s in there,”  Glarner explained.

Clevenger said she likes the simplicity of the blue tooth, as well as a tiny wired camera that is also easy to use.

“They’re amazing, ” Clevenger said, “because they’re so small, you could really put them anywhere. I like the idea of a wired camera because I don’t have to worry about charging it.”

Another way to keep a secret eye on your property is a wall hook. Glarner says you can place it inside your home by any door, preferable from the garage into your home. We tested it. Audio extends ten feet, and the video has amazing clarity.

“A lady actually caught someone coming into her house that way,” Glarner said.

The hook, too, is under $50. Clevenger said she is “hooked” on the hook.

“I love the hook, ” Clevenger said. “I think a lot of it is because it’s such a novelty, it’s so useful, so it has a utility factor where if I have it hung up somewhere , it doesn’t look like a camera. I can even hang a jacket on it.”

The hook also doesn’t require a program to download. Glarner said you just attach the camera to your computer or television to see who’s been on your property.