Reducing the stress of city living

Be aware of your environment

(CNN) – With 66-percent of the world’s population expected to be living in cities by the year 2050, mental health professionals are putting a new emphasis on reducing the negative impacts of urban life.

Bumper to bumper traffic, air pollution, crowded streets. The stresses of urban living can appear endless

In fact, studies show that city dwellers are more likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders.

The first recommendation: go to the park. Living close to or spending time in green spaces can decrease the risk of depression.

Next up: get out of your car. Walking or cycling to work is better for your physical and mental health.

Finally: be aware of your environment. Mindfully observing the area around you can help restore a sense of control.

Loud noises keeping you up at night? Find the source. Even though you may not be able to stop it, knowing the cause can reduce your stress because it increases that feeling of control.

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