Police urge you to call 911 if you see a creepy clown

Holyoke police told 22News do not approach them, call 911

clown costumes
Costume shops say clown costumes are still in demand ahead of Halloween, despite the ongoing "creepy clown" phenomenon and bans in some areas.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for scary clowns, after several reported sightings. This week, a concerned parent called police and reporting a creepy clown staring at kids on South Bridge Street.

A worried resident told 22News, “Parents need to keep their kids safe and how can they, if they don’t know who these people are underneath those costumes.”

Holyoke Police Lt. Jim Albert said police confiscated a scary mask from a 15-year-old on Wednesday, and over the last month, they’ve received various calls from scared residents, claiming they saw clowns with a machete, another with a blunt object. Both were gone when police arrived.

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“These people pranking with weapons, just to get a thrill. It just worries me for the other people, they might not know they might have a medical condition, a heart condition, and they might fall ill,” said Keidi Mosquera of Holyoke.

Kevin Rodgers of Holyoke said, “Now the fact their coming in to smaller cities and locally, is kinda terrifying. Sometimes, I’ll kinda look behind me, just in case, because it’s like happening lately.”

Some parents told 22News, if a scary clown approached their child, their gut reaction would be to go after the clown, but Holyoke police are urging you not to do that.

If you see a clown, especially ones that armed, call 911 immediately.