How is this election impacting the next generation of voters?

Is this election making you more or less politically engaged?


(KXRM) — With the final presidential debate complete it now all comes down to Election Day.

It’s a day that will undoubtedly impact the future of our country, but how is this Election Day influencing the next generations of voters?

We talked to kids in AP Government at Doherty High School.

We wanted to find out if this election is making them more or less politically engaged.

Junior Amy Bagby said even as kids, they can’t escape the reach of this election.

“You don’t go down the hallway without hearing something about politics,” said Bagby.

Sometimes the things they talk about aren’t centered on the policies of the candidates.

“You just hear a lot of people talking of, ‘hey, did you see what this person said last night?’ rather than, ‘do you understand what this is and can we talk about it?’ you don’t get a lot of the adult conversation that you have in a government class with some of your friends at lunch,” said Bagby.

That’s where teachers like Mr. Duensing come into play.

He tries to let the candidates own words speak for themselves while trying to stick to policy issues, which can be difficult.

“What’s in pop culture and what’s in pop media now pops up and we talk about it as balanced as we can, but you try to get back to the issues,” said Duensing.

Is the nasty nature of the election changing their level of political engagement negatively?

“The students in the last year and a half, two years, are more engaged than the students were 26 years ago, 20 years ago, 15 years ago,” said Duensing.

Even though engagement may be up, that doesn’t mean kids like this election any more than adults who vote do.

“I am disappointed, I really am. I think that as representatives of parties and really one of them is going to be a representation of America. I’m disappointed that this is who we have. These are the best people we can come up with,” said Duensing.

Mr. Deunsing said he expects the next generation of voters to be more independent, rather than Republican or Democrat.

He also thinks they’ll vote for the person and their policies, rather than to blindly vote for one party.