First look at the new Nintendo Switch console

Gamers will make use of the console's signature hybrid feature

(CNN) – Following lackluster sales on their last system, Nintendo drops a first look at their newest console, that blends home and mobile gaming in one hi-tech package.

Thursday, the company posted a three-minute trailer of the Nintendo Switch, formerly nicknamed the “NX.”

In the video, gamers make use of the console’s signature hybrid feature, the ability to switch from home console gaming, to mobile, then to a sort-of mini console, then switch back.

The Switch’s versatility shows the company embracing the burgeoning mobile gaming market, while staying true to its home console roots.

Nintendo’s last system, the Wii U, failed to meet the high expectations set by its predecessor, the super-successful Wii.

The announcement of the Switch represents a fresh start for the company, whose two main rivals, Sony and Microsoft, recently announced unprecedented mid-generation “upgrades” to their current systems- the PS4 and Xbox One.

With those systems currently dominating the market, Nintendo is hoping the unique features of the Switch – which is coming in March 2017 – will be enough to convince gamers to…well…switch.

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