Chief acknowledges violating policy during high-speed chase

The Chief has not responded to requests for comment

Photo Courtesy: Thinkstock

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (AP) — An internal memo indicates that Attleboro’s police chief disciplined himself after a police chase.

WJAR-TV reports that Chief Kyle Heagney assigned himself eight hours of extra duty for violating department policies during the high-speed pursuit in February through several communities. The chase, involving a vehicle carrying two alleged bank robbers, ended when Heagney rammed the car’s bumper, forcing it to a stop.

The station obtained the memo in which Heagney wrote: “I strongly believe in the leadership principle that leaders cannot hold those under their command accountable if they themselves are not held accountable.”

But the chief also defended his actions, writing that he was forced to violate policy “to protect the life and safety of the public, specifically school children.”

The station said Heagney did not respond to requests for comment.

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