Cats offer purrfect relief during catty debate

The Animal Refuge League of greater Portland had 9 therapy cats keep the peace on debate night

MAINE (CNN) – Presidential politics stressing you out? Well, the solution may be found in Maine, where a debate viewing party found a unique way to keep things quiet and calm.

“I’m a Hillary fan, and I have been for years and years.”

“I’m voting anti-Hillary, so it’s gotta be trump.”

It’s not all that often that you find these two opinions in the same room for a debate viewing party, but it’s the view below them that’s blurring or purring party lines.

Portland’s think tank serves as a political litter box tonight. With the hope of containing the nastiness that many say has plagued this election.

“This is not a debate tonight. This is just two people throwing axes at each other.”

“This sort of horrible rhetoric going on is what is expected.”

Well, nine therapy cats keep the peace on debate night. They’re all up for adoption from the Animal Refuge League of greater Portland.

Jeana Roth, of the Animal Refuge League said, “We do a thing called ‘kitten therapy where we bring a large group of kittens out. In this current political climate, they’re a natural destresser and we’re really happy to provide that tonight.”

It’s an idea from the minds of Bangor daily news. A unique way to deal with the stress of a difficult election season.

Dan Macleod, an editor at BDN Portland said, “I think the first debate-watching party we did. You could see it in people’s eyes afterward. They’d clearly been through a thing together.”

A feeling that many voters can relate to.

“I came to the first one, and it was so stressful that I didn’t come to the second one.”

In an election season that feels like it has nine lives. Voters are ready to see who’s winning the whole kitten caboodle in November.