New poll shows majority of voters support Question 4

5% of voters still remain undecided on the marijuana question

(Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Question 4: on the recreational legalization of marijuana. The question asks voters if it should be legal and if it should be taxed like cigarettes and alcohol.

A new poll shows that 55% of likely voters support legalizing and taxing marijuana, while 40% oppose the issue.

The results are in contrast to Massachusetts political leaders like Gov. Charlie Baker, who are on record opposing legalization.

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22News talked with a local leader of the vote YES on 4 campaign who suggests that legalizing marijuana may actually help the opioid crisis.

‘Yes on 4’ Committee Chair Dick Evans told 22News, “I’m not saying that marijuana legalization is the solution to the opioid epidemic, but there is a lot of science and abundant anecdotal evidence that legal access to marijuana is a very useful tool to help combat the scourge of narcotics addition.”

Opponents say marijuana will become more potent, lead to more drugged driving accidents, and could be marketed to kids as tasty food products.

5% of voters still remain undecided on the marijuana question.