#billybushmademedoit pops up after Melania Trump interview

Here are some of the best "Blame Billy Bush" tweets

(CNN) – On SNL, Melania Trump was portrayed as if she were ready to dump the Donald; but in real life, she didn’t just stand by her man, she partially blamed Billy Bush for leading her husband on.”…Lead on like egg-on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff.”

However, nobody had to egg on the internet. Instantly a new hashtag was born; #billybushmademedoit. As in “when Trump cheated on his first wife with the second, #billybushmademedoit.” Or “Ryan Lochte just changed his story. He now says #billybushmademedoit.”

You know how Trump is always saying, “This whole election is being rigged;” so of course someone tweeted, “Now we know who’s rigging this election! #billybushmademedoit.”

Even noted Hillary supporter Cher got into the act, “How can Trump stand up 2 Putin, if he couldn’t stand up 2 Billy Bush.”

A 4-year-old puggle tweeted, “#billybushmademe put this towel over my head.”

Billy is being bushwhacked. John Oliver’s show did a segment on it. Now they can add the 2005 bus scene.

Melania has a name for what her husband engaged in on the bus with Billy, “They were kind of boys talk, boys talk.” With a 59-year old boy? Blame it on the 33-year old. Though the Donald sure seems to be the alpha.