Drought causing trees to become at risk of falling over

Dried out trees can break without warning

Hadley tree damage

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a dangerous situation, and you might not know you’re at risk.

Eversource is warning customers that the drought is having an impact on trees. The company said the lack of water has made some trees brittle and weak, and they could run the risk of falling over come winter time.

If any of your trees have cracks in the trunk, bare branches, bark falling off, or even dead roots, that could be a sign the tree is dying.

Tommy Briggs from Feeding Hills told 22News, “I decided one time to make maple syrup and drilled a hole in the tree and noticed the whole tree was dead at the bottom. I ended up calling a tree service and having it taken down.”

Dried out trees can break without warning, and could take down power lines. Eversource said if you have any trees that pose a risk to you power lines, give them a call and they can check it out.

The following are important safety tips from Eversource for property owners preparing to conduct tree maintenance:

  • Before starting any work, locate the power lines going to your meter and any that may run along the road.
  • Never attempt to trim any vegetation growing on or near overhead power lines.
  • Deadwood is a naturally occurring hazard on some species of trees. Conduct a thorough visual inspection of what is above you before starting seasonal chores like raking leaves, and storing lawn furniture.
  • Hire an arborist to evaluate your property and offer professional advice and suggestions for maintaining your trees, similar to any other professional tradesperson.
  • Check your local listings to locate a contractor qualified and licensed to trim vegetation around power lines.
  • When Eversource responds to restore service during storms and adverse weather, the company performs tree work to clear the power lines so that service may be restored. Property owners should be sure to plan for the cleanup and removal of any fallen limbs or trees.