Why we’re seeing such warm weather, and why it won’t last

Area of low pressure, position of Jet Stream explain unseasonable warmth

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Temperatures around 80 degrees are expected for Tuesday; much warmer than the low 60’s, where the average highs are at this time of year. While many people may enjoy this brief return of summer-like weather, it will not last.

There are a few ways to explain this unseasonably warm weather. An area of low pressure, which is a storm system spinning counter-clockwise, is to our northwest. Ahead of this low pressure, the counter-clockwise flow pulls up warm air from the southwest, while behind it, cooler air gets dragged to the south.

These storm systems are guided by the Jet Stream, which is an area of strong winds high in the sky that separate cold air to the north from warm air to the south. The jet stream Tuesday and Wednesday will pump warm air into western Massachusetts, but the Jet Stream will take a big dip over New England this weekend. That will bring much cooler weather our way by Sunday.