Trump doesn’t find Saturday Night Live parody funny

Donald himself has graced SNL over the years, before it was "boring and unfunny"

(CNN) – Donald Trump used to like being on SNL, but now the presidential candidate is dissing the show and saying Alec Baldwin stinks. Though Trump often makes other people chortle, have you ever seen him laugh?

Maybe it was Alec Baldwin portraying him as “jaws” that made Donald Trump want to bite back at SNL. The Donald called it “a hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.” Baldwin must not have been too hurt because he retweeted trump’s insult.

To think Donald himself has graced SNL over the years. Apparently before it was “boring and unfunny.”

Ok, so trump says Baldwin stinks, but what does Hillary think about how she’s been portrayed? “When Kate McKinnon came out with her walker, I thought I was gonna fall off my chair.” said Clinton.

Obviously, SNL won’t be saying sorry to Trump, another thing trump almost never does.

Have you ever seen Donald trump laugh? You rarely see the Donald genuinely cracking up. We found only a couple of instances from this campaign.

The jolliest was when a screech interrupted a Trump rally. Bet you won’t catch the Donald doing that while watching SNL.