The EpiShell protects your protection

It protects EpiPens from hot and cold temperatures

(KING) – At $600 for two, no one wants to have to throw away their EpiPens because they got left in the car or were in your purse all day at the soccer game. The manufacturer said they should be kept at room temperature.

That’s why a Seattle mom and dad decided to create something that could allow an active lifestyle without the worry.

“When we go outside with her son, when we are camping, when we are skiing, I want to know that his EpiPen is going to work. I want to know that I am protecting the drug that’s inside the EpiPen so that if I ever have to use it, it’s going to work,” said Sandy Wengreen, inventor of the EpiShell.

The EpiShell is a patented case that protects EpiPens from hot and cold temperatures so anyone can take their EpiPen on the go, even if it’s colder than 59 degrees or hotter than 86 degrees.

The EpiShell is a good insulator, but that is just the beginning.

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