Departments statewide may have hired officers without required training

BOSTON (WWLP) – A new state audit has revealed that many police officers hired from another state did not go through proper training before enforcing the law.

The Municipal Police Training Committee said that the academy failed to make sure out-of-state hires were trained, because of a high staff turnover. Police officers hired from other states must complete an online orientation program within 90 days. Without the training, police officers may not be aware of Massachusetts laws, and therefore cannot enforce them.

New police coming in from out of state didn’t go through required training

State Auditor Suzanne Bump’s latest audit revealed that the academy was not keeping track of whether the out-of-state officers being hired by Massachusetts departments were completing the mandatory training. Employees did not know how to enter information into the computer system, according to the audit. Bump’s office says that the findings impact police departments across the state.

The Municipal Police Training Academy is headquartered in Randolph, and they have an academy in Springfield.

22News contacted State Auditor Suzanne Bump for an interview, but she was not available for a comment.