Four students shot at San Francisco high school

Image: Thinkstock

AN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Four students were shot at a school in San Francisco’s Excelsior District Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting was reported at June Jordan School for Equity around 3:15 p.m, according to police. Gunshots were fired shortly after school got out.

One of the three students shot was targeted, according to police. One female student is in critical condition and the three male students shot have non-life threatening injuries.

The fourth male student that was shot walked into the Bayview police station. He was then taken to the hospital shortly afterwards.

The school district says this is an isolated incident. “There were four perpetrators who were targeting a particular individual, who suffered injuries and is being cared for,” said Karwin Sui of the San Francisco Unified School District.”Two other bystanders also suffered injuries.”

Officers are searching for four suspects and telling residents and businesses to stay inside.

The school immediately went on lockout, but was lifted around 4:03 p.m.

SFUSD officials are working closely with police as they investigate the shooting.