Four women won’t face charges after overdose

Springfield Police: The women will not face drug charges because of the good Samaritan law

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The opioid epidemic continues to hit close to home here in western Massachusetts.

This time 4 women overdosed while at least 3 children home playing video games upstairs. It all took place at 182 Ambrose Street in Springfield, at around 12:30 Sunday morning.

A 12 year old girl is credited with saving the lives of these 4 women, she found them unconscious and immediately called 911. When emergency crews arrived shortly after the call, they found two of the women had did not have pulses. All four were given an opiate reversal drug.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified told 22News this was shocking for the neighborhood. “Because there’s kids over there that was pretty sad it really was. I’ve noticed when they first moved here there was a lot of traffic but I just thought it was family that visit them a lot.”

Another neighbor told 22News this is usually quiet neighborhood. “I was really devastated this is a quiet neighborhood and everybody gets along and we all watched out for each other so when I heard that I just could not believe it but I had made a comment before to my other neighbor where I think it was just an intuition that I had and it turned out to be true.”

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney told 22News the women will not face drug charges because of the good Samaritan law. He said their intent is to save lives not make arrests, they encourage anyone in a similar overdose situation also calls for help.

The 4 women were then taken to Mercy Medical Center and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, they’re all expected to be okay.

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