Deer hunting season now underway in Massachusetts

Keep safety in mind when heading out into the woods

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Deer hunting season is here. Bow and arrow season officially got underway in Massachusetts on Monday, and ends on November 26th.

Massachusetts hunters are allowed to hunt two antlered deer per year, and as many antler-less deer as the hunter has a permit for. An FID care is not required for bow hunting, but archers are not allowed to carry a gun while hunting deer.

Northampton resident Robert Montague told 22News he doesn’t hunt, but knows that you should always try to stay clearly visible. “If you’re going into the woods this time of year you have to wear something bright,” he explained. “Orange is very good, because otherwise they are liable to mistake you for a deer. So a lot of times I don’t go into the woods this time of year. But if you do go into the woods you got to be careful.

The organization Hunting Western Mass is asking people enjoying the outdoors to keep safety in mind for you, your kids, and pets. They recommend not letting children play in tree stands that are used for hunting and avoid wearing white.

Gun season starts November 28th through December 10th.  You can find information on this year’s hunting season on the state’s Energy & Environmental Affairs website.