VIDEO: Child left outside of college overnight

The Department of Child and Family Services is involved in the investigation

(Credit: CNN/KSTU)

(CNN) – Security camera footage shows it all. A little girl was left alone early Sunday morning in 30-something degree weather with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to.

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology security found her around 7:30 a.m. hurt, and crying.

Ogden-Weber Tech College Security Manager Fred Frazier said, “Actually, it was heartbreaking for him to see a little girl running along alone by herself. That’s when he got very concerned and she was shivering and cold.”

Ogden police jumped into the investigation and figured out that the girl’s own father left her. They’re not sure why.

Lt. Tim Scott of the Ogden Police noted, “We don’t know really what purpose he would take the child or if there’s some drug-induced psychosis. Right now we’re waiting to interview the father.”

Meanwhile, her mom wants answers on why her girl was left in the cold, and why the girl’s father still hasn’t been talked to.

Ogden police say the Department of Child and Family Services is involved in the investigation, and the man could be charged with felony child abandonment or abuse.