Warmer weather moving its way into western Mass

Brian Lapis explains why higher than normal temperatures are moving in

(Photo by Scott McCracken/www.scottmccracken.net via AP)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A weather system will be arriving Monday, with a big warming trend.  22news explains what’s warming us up, and why now is a good time to take in some western Massachusetts fall foliage.

A warming trend is about to begin!  A warm front will slowly work its way north through western Massachusetts, Monday afternoon and Monday night.  This warm front will “open up the gates” for a summer-like weather situation, with a flow of mild air from the south.

A warm front is literally the “front” of an area of warmer air.  They usually come with a few clouds.  Once the warm front is north of our area Tuesday morning, we have the chance at highs in the 80s through Wednesday.    This is good news, because we also have peak to near peak foliage across western Massachusetts.

So if you’d like to take advantage of the warm air and bright leaves, hit the road!   There are several routes you could take.  In western Hamden County there are routes 23 and 20, into Berkshire County.  Hampshire County has route 9 and route 143 and 112.

Go farther north Franklin County on route 116 through Conway or route 8a from Claremont to heath! There’s also the north Quabbin region, rt 202 and 2.  Whatever you do, do it soon!  With our drought conditions, the leaves won’t last long on the trees!