“The Accountant”

A Look at the Movies

Rated R
2 hours

Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Let’s be honest! How many movie goers would get excited about watching a mathematical genius suffering from Autism?

But deepen Ben Affleck’s affliction to include compulsive mayhem with a killer instinct and you’ve got “The Accountant”. But the far more well-adjusted J.K. Simmons steals the picture as the relentless treasury agent on “The Accountant’s” trail.

As a child, Affleck’s adjustment training to deal with his social limitations later in life takes a controversial turn. The grown up Affleck’s dubious lifestyle and money making genius remain high on the treasury department’s radar.

Anna Kendrick desperately attempts without much success to break through the façade of this every mysterious character, but Kendrick’s role is merely window dressing designed to keep the intricate plot moving in the right direction.

So prepare yourself for an action packed thriller with social overtones. Since “The Accountant” can only juggle so many pieces to the puzzle before the plot starts sagging in all the wrong places.

But not before “The Accountant” over-stimulates its audience to the extreme, adding up to a bottom line 3 stars.

“The Accountant” will thrive on the controversy created by the manner in which the picture deals with Autism.