White House looking at options for hacking response

CNN attempted to reach WikiLeaks for comment but received no response

(CNN) – There is mounting evidence that the Russian government is supplying WikiLeaks with hacked emails pertaining to the U.S. presidential election. That’s what U.S. officials familiar with the investigation have told CNN.

Friday, disturbed by the continuing drip of staff emails hacked by Russia. Top former intelligence officials backing Hillary Clinton are raising the alarm. Former National Counter-Terrorism Center director Matthew Olsen, who is an informal national security advisor to the Clinton Campaign, echoing the assessment of the U.S. intelligence community, that the Russian government is the clear culprit.

Matt Olsen, FMR National Counterterrorism Center director said, “This is a significant and unprecedented attack. It’s an attack on our democratic institutions so from my perspective, it’s not just a campaign issue, it’s a national security issue.”

Michael Morrell, the former acting director of the CIA, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, reiterated his charge that trump has become an unwitting agent of Vladimir Putin. This on a call organized by the campaign.

Michael morel, FMR acting director Central Intelligence Agency said, “Trump is cozying up to Putin because Putin has played him like a fiddle. Putin has figured out what makes Donald Trump tick and he’s playing to it and Donald Trump is responding.”

Morrell and Olsen argue that the fact that the hacks are focused only on the democratic nominee suggest Russia is trying to sway the election for Donald Trump.

Olsen said, “The information that is getting released is really focused on Secretary Clinton, leading me to conclude their goal is to really sway this in favor of Donald Trump.”

Multiple current U.S. officials with knowledge of the investigation say there is growing evidence that Russia is using WikiLeaks as a vehicle to make the stolen emails and other documents public, possibly with WikiLeaks’ cooperation.

How does this work? Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden told CBS the cyber-attack begins with Russian criminal gangs.

Gen. Michael Hayden, FMR. CIA and NSA director said, I think the actual theft is being done by Russian criminal gangs on behalf of the Russian state at the direction of the Russian state. It’s a little bit of a cutout plausible deniability. I do think the Russians are pushing these in the direction of WikiLeaks and let them push them into the public domain.”

CNN attempted to reach WikiLeaks for comment but received no response.