Amherst residents fear for their safety after deadly shooting

Police said this was not a random act, and members of the public are not at risk

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A deadly shooting at an apartment complex in Amherst has left many residents fearing for their safety.

Colleen Jardine, of Amherst said, “I thought Springfield and Holyoke was bad. I guess everywhere is no matter where you go.”

Amherst police sgt. Brian Johnson said a shooting happened just after midnight in the area of 266 East Hadley Road, at the Southpoint apartments. Many residents told 22News they woke up to caution tape surrounding the building they live in, which they say is very unusual because this apartment complex is typically very safe and quiet.

Myrna Cintron said, “We don’t see this too much I would say for myself six years this would be the first one that I hear about”

Heather Kralilk said, “I find this really shocking because, like what we were talking about before, this seems like a really safe area.”

Northwestern district attorney spokeswoman, Mary Carey, told 22News one man was shot dead and another hospitalized at UMass medical Center in Worcester.

Natasha Doherty said, “It kind of freaks me out a little bit. I don’t hear too much about gun violence in Amherst so it’s kind of freaky.”

Police believe this was not a random act, and that members of the public are not at risk. Several people who live in the apartment complex told 22News this is an isolated incident and they are not worried for their safety.

Angel Rivera-Cintron said, “I’m not worried I come here all the time to visit my family I hang around when I’m not at work there’s nothing to be scared of this is a great neighborhood.”

Amherst Police, Massachusetts State Police attached to the Northwestern District Attorney’s office, and MSP crime scene services are still looking for leads.