Caught on Camera: Massachusetts woman rescued from sinking SUV

The men who pulled the woman from her sinking car speak out

ARLINGTON, Mass. (CNN/WCVB) – The incredible video shows the dramatic rescue of a woman from her SUV that was sinking in a pond Friday morning in Arlington.

“She was very, very scared; taking in water. She knew this was it. I saw it in her eyes.” Dan Frazier knew he only had moments to react. He and two others jumped in the water to save the woman trapped in her sinking car.

Frazier said, “I saw a woman in a car going down and someone had to help save her. No second guessing. I’m going in the water.” They yell at the woman, “You’ve got to come out, come out.”

The first man out manages to open the back door, but the car sinks rapidly. It’s 40 feet deep where it’s going down at one point, they fear the worst. “I lost her, I lost her; there she is behind you, behind you.”

Just then, the 68-year-old woman emerges and Frazier swims out to save her. “If she didn’t pop up, the possibility of rescuing her, it was not good.”

The woman’s husband said she confused the gas and brake pedals, jumping a curb and plunging into the water.

Frazier and his friend just happened to be riding by on their bikes at spy pond, so thankful they stopped and fearlessly went in to save her life. “I just held her hand and prayed, she was very thankful, as you can imagine.”

Police said the woman was taken to the hospital and treated for mild hypothermia.

The video below is the entire rescue captured on camera by a bystander.