What is down-ballot voting?

This would blunt the impact of a potential Clinton presidency for Republicans

(CNN) – With Donald Trump trailing in polls recently, there is been a lot of talk among U.S. Voters about down-ballot voting. Some republican leaders are focused on down-ballot voting to preserve control of congress.

As scandal swirls around the trump campaign, you’re hearing a lot of news commentators and analysts speculate about the effect this is all having down-ballot. So what does down-ballot mean?

Voters in the United States are choosing more than just the president on November 8th. When they go into a polling booth, the ballot they’re filling out will also ask them to choose from a list of various senators, congressmen, local officials and referendums.

The fear for republicans is that if Trump implodes and his supporters don’t show up on November 8th.

Then all those Republican candidates “down ballot” from Trump on the voting card will lose out as well but, good news for the G.O.P.: even before the latest scandal hit. A nationwide USA today/Suffolk University poll from this summer found that as many as a third of Clinton’s supporters said they are “very likely” to split their votes this election, Picking a different party “down ballot” from their choice for president.

That’s a huge increase from the ten percent or so that voted differently at the top and bottom of the ballot in the 2012 election. The question for the Republican Party leadership right now, especially those who no longer feel comfortable voting for trump, is if enough voters will “split their vote” down ballot to preserve their control of the U.S. Congress. This would blunt the impact of a potential Clinton presidency.